Most adults who were alive at the time can recall exactly where they were when the events of that fateful day began to unfold. Many of us heard about it on the radio. Some of us saw what we imagined must have been a scene from some movie, only to realize to our horror that those images were occurring live and at that very moment. The unthinkable was happening, and not in some far away land, but right here at our doorstep.

Like Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassinations, and the space shuttle tragedy in previous generations, September 11  left its mark on the collective psyche of America. Just an average, ordinary day like any other…a day like today perhaps—right up to the moment when it suddenly wasn’t. It reminds us that life is precious and not to take those we care about for granted.

Today is a good day not only for reflection and remembering the lives that were lost, but to remember the important people in your life right now. Be sure to take a moment and let them know how you feel.