Okay, we understand not everyone is a skier or a winter person. But thankfully here in Colorado we have far more seasons that just your standard issue winter, spring, summer, and fall. We have ski season, football season, hockey season, baseball season, basketball season, hunting season, boating season, tourist season, leaf-peeping season, and for our mountain town friends…mud season. We’re sure we have left out a few simply because folks in Colorado just might lead the nation when it comes to diverse outdoor activities.

One great thing about living Colorado is the unique way that everyone wins! The mountains (for the most part) get lots of snow and the ski industry—along with the local economy—kicks into high gear. Down here on the Front Range, there’s often plenty of sunshine and moderate temperatures that make year-round golf, biking, running, and a host of other outdoor activities completely reasonable and comfortable options.

If you live here in Northern Colorado long enough, you’re likely to hear this part of the country referred to as the “banana belt.” We can’t prove it, but we suspect our amazing weather and the host of lifestyle activities it affords us is one of the contributing factors to our regional population growth—and, of course, the housing boom that has come with it. And even though there’s currently no end in sight, this too is probably a season whose duration is undefined. But as long as we are in it, you can rest assured ProCode will be doing our part to support our Northern Colorado communities with outsourced building permitting, inspection, and code enforcement services.

If your town’s building department finds itself on a slippery slope trying to scale or keep up with all the activity, we hope you’ll give us a call. We’re here to help!