The Town of Milliken’s slogan, “Come ‘Round to Milliken,” invites folks to visit and spend some time exploring this small Northern Colorado community. But it also invites people to give it a good, long look in terms of all it has of offer in terms of opportunity, quality of life, and friendly demeanor. Stop and chat with a local shop owner and you are just as likely to be addressed as “friend” as not—a trait that only adds to its down-home, small-town appeal.

A stone’s throw east of Johnstown, (admittedly a bit longer than that, but we’d wager it’s been tried) Milliken was actually preceded by a community called Hillsboro, one of many trading post locations along the Platte River that was officially recognized in 1905. Eventually, an upstart town named for Judge John David Milliken, President of the Northwestern Land and Iron Company, surpassed its predecessor and annexed Hillsboro in the fall of 1910. There is a great article about Milliken’s long history and continued growth on the town website.

Milliken has all the right ingredients for a quintessential bedroom community: rural roots and small-town quality of life nestled in close proximity to larger, easily accessible metropolitan areas of Denver, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Greeley.  A vibrant and growing community, Milliken is one of those race and sought-after places in Colorado where money goes a lot farther in terms of quality housing along with great municipal services, a strong school system, great parks, and charming local businesses.

ProCode is proud to support the Town of Milliken—our “next door neighbor” community—with full-service building permitting, inspection, and code enforcement services.