With Thanksgiving leftovers still being enjoyed and the December holidays fast approaching, it can be really tempting right about now to let off the gas and coast (metaphorically speaking). After all, everyone worked hard and accomplished a lot this year, right? What’s the harm in letting up and starting the celebration a smidge before crossing the proverbial finish line?

Perhaps University of Oregon steeplechase runner Tanguy Pepiot can best illustrate the point in a video viewed over 5.5 million times: https://youtu.be/LuWqHt0O-X4

Celebrating the holidays, recharging your batteries, and spending well deserved time with family and friends are all great pursuits. We’ll be partaking of these activities just like everyone else. But regardless of where our annual finish line may be, to give less than our all can result in unsatisfying results for ourselves and our customers at best, and at worst, unexpectedly failing to accomplish the very goals we worked so hard all year long to achieve.

Running any race is infinitely more rewarding knowing that we ran it well and finished strong. Like the saying goes,
You gotta run through the tape!” Here’s to finishing strong in 2022.