According to, Thursday, October 13th is International Skeptics Day. Frankly, we weren’t sure this “holiday” was legit at first, but it turns out it’s a real thing. But given the spirit of the day, we felt we needed to question its validity before sharing our thoughts about it.

In these days of misinformation, fake news, and nonstop marketing messages, it can be hard to discern truth from spin, sales pitches, and hearsay. We get it. Sadly, a healthy dose of skepticism can become some folks’ last line of defense against the surge of information we all experience on a daily basis. But you have to wonder if taking everything with a grain of salt only contributes to high blood pressure. (See what we did there?)

At ProCode, we are not convinced it has to be this way. One of the hallmarks of our culture is our down-to-earth, straight-shooting manner in dealing with our customers, our neighbors in the communities where we live and work, and with one another. What you see is what you get with ProCode, and what you get is greater efficiency, increased productivity, and exceptional customer service from people you can depend on to help your department operate at peak efficiency.