While it might not be obvious to the casual observer, ProCode is very much about freedom. “How’s that?” you might wonder. We’re glad you asked. (Okay, we actually did the asking for you, but you get the point.)
ProCode, Inc. provides outsourced permitting, inspection, and building code enforcement services for smaller municipalities in Northern Colorado. We save you time, money, and stress by streamlining your processes, improving communication between parties, and providing clear, consistent direction to your builders.
But here’s the best part—when you work with ProCode for permit processing, building inspections, and code enforcement, you are free (yep, there it is!) to focus on other priorities. Our outsourced service model is specifically designed to deliver dependable, consistent, and efficient service to you and your customers. Imagine what you could do with the time and resources you currently spend on those functions.
Now that’s a pretty liberating idea, don’t you think?