Cascade Software is packed with robust, highly-customizable features designed to drive efficiency, productivity, and accuracy across your permitting processes. It was developed by municipal planning and building department specialists just like you, and designed specifically with your needs in mind.

Check out all the good stuff Cascade can do for your building planning or permitting department:

  • Choose from our online solution or host Cascade on your server
  • Seamlessly upload your existing data from Microsoft Excel or similar program
  • Guided onboarding tools to support every user type
  • Integrates with ArcGIS for mapping and visual status
  • Manage your town or city’s address information with our address management feature
  • Automatically notify registered users of changes or updates easily and efficiently with group emails
  • Licensing module lets you manage and track any type of license (business, liquor, pet, etc.)
  • Contractors can register online, apply for permits, upload documents, check status—even schedule inspections
  • Applicants and contractors can pay online as well as print invoices, receipts, permits, and plans
  • Easily manage and track contractor licensing
  • Staff, contractor, and public-facing portals allow users to work from anywhere
  • Perform inspections via our app and send synced, real-time results to applicants or contractors
  • Invite third-party users outside of your jurisdiction to complete reviews for fire, health, police, etc.
  • Highly customizable for custom workflows, inspections, fee structures, and much more

We know, right? That’s a lot of functionality! Our cloud-based solution automates, monitors, and expedites applications, plan reviews, inspections, and approvals, supercharging your department’s productivity while saving you astonishing amounts of time and effort in the process. Drop us a line and let’s schedule a risk-free, no-obligation demo today!