Let’s face it—who doesn’t like showing up at work to find bagels in the breakroom or donuts on your desk? There’s something about sharing treats and meals in the workplace that brings people together. Here at ProCode, our team is fond of breakfast burritos from our friends at Santiago’s restaurant, which seem to find their way into our office on a fairly frequent basis.

Conversations with coworkers seem to flow easier when food and beverages are involved. Less work talk and more getting to know people on a more personal level. Given that most people spend a majority of their waking day with their coworkers, we think that’s a good thing—especially in the wake of the pandemic where many of us were forced to interact remotely.

Being present with people is part of our company DNA, which is why we have chosen to serve communities here in Northern Colorado almost exclusively. It’s hard to be a good neighbor when you’re not part of the neighborhood!