It’s that time of year again, and parents everywhere are busily preparing to send their kids off to school for another heaping helping of book smarts, sports, and activities. Call us “old school,” but we love this time of year because it helps bring to the forefront an annual sense of civic pride, small-town identity, and community involvement. We rally around our schools as conversations start to include uniquely local bits of lingo like “Rough Riders”, “Spartans”, “Blue Devils”, and more. Scholastic and athletic competitions bring communities together even as they compete against one another on many different levels. It’s awesome.

When it comes to making life easier, more productive, and more efficient for municipal permitting and building departments, we are absolutely “old school” as well. What does that mean, exactly? Well, for starters, our team is already part of your community, which means we can generally be on-site within an hour. We also answer our phones, check our emails, and follow up as quickly as possible on direct requests.

Our goal is to become a seamless part of your department’s permitting, inspection, and code enforcement processes, streamlining and serving the community at every turn. And in those respects, we think Procode is at the head of the class in Northern Colorado!