Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, vacation season is officially upon us. Especially this summer with many travel restrictions eased and the worst of the pandemic presumably behind us, it’s easy for thoughts turn to road trips, camping excursions, and faraway vacations to relax and recharge.

But just because vacation season is here doesn’t mean that small town permitting and inspection departments shut down. In fact, with longer days and better weather, just the opposite is often true, with construction projects and home improvements just now kicking into high gear.

One of the great things about outsourcing your department’s permitting and building inspection services to ProCode is knowing productivity and customer service won’t suffer even when your team takes advantage of some well-deserved time off. ProCode is consistently there to support you and your community day in and day out, with full coverage and responsive service. Our expert team delivers the kind peace of mind that turns time out of the office into honest-to-goodness relaxation and recharging time.

Whether it’s issuing permits, performing inspections, or assisting clients on the use of our proprietary Cascade software, trust your hometown ProCode professionals serve your community like it’s our won. Because it is. Even when you happen to be in Maui for a week!