If you live or work in Northern Colorado, you know the region is experiencing tremendous growth as our reputation for amazing quality of life, great weather, and friendly communities has spread. Perhaps nowhere is development and construction activity as evident as it is in Berthoud, whose official slogan is “The Garden Spot…Where Good Things Grow.”

For many years, if you told someone you were from Berthoud, you would often have to clarify that statement with “The town, not the pass” followed closely by “It’s near Loveland—the town, not the pass.”

With a soaring housing market, a world-class TPC golf course at Heron Lakes, and town leadership committed to smart, thoughtful growth, it’s safe to say those days of obscurity have been replaced with optimism, energy, and a bustling economy. Berthoud’s new recreation center and expanded biking trails are two shining examples of the town’s commitment to creating a more prosperous community by supporting healthy, active lifestyles.

This growth has not been lost on businesses, with a number of high-profile projects either planned or already in development. The 2021 Comprehensive Plan thoughtfully outlines several different districts with a strong focus on healthy growth while maintaining and promoting Berthoud’s small-town charm and personality. Suffice it to say, Berthoud is booming.

In fact, Berthoud was recently featured in an issue of Business View Magazine, a national publication with over 800,000 subscribers who follow the latest developments in infrastructure, municipal public works, green initiatives, construction and development, and supply chain and logistics issues.

PoCode is proud to support the Town of Berthoud as a valued customer, providing outsourced permitting and inspection services to help “the Garden Spot” continue grow in a smart, safe, and uniquely charming way.