The Cascade team showed up and showed off our powerful software solution June 21 – 24 at this year’s Colorado League of Municipalities annual conference in Breckenridge. With over 40 educational and training sessions and two keynote speakers, CML’s 100th conference celebration was the perfect place for Cascade to truly shine with municipal building and planning officials who benefit the most from our cloud-based application.
Our team had a great time meeting prospective customers and showcasing the benefits and features that dramatically streamline processes and boost productivity for virtually any permit-issuing municipal department. When communities are growing rapidly like they are here in Colorado and the post-pandemic work dynamics make finding qualified personnel a challenge, doing a lot more with less is an easy conversation to have.
Anyone who knows us knows we have a real heart for community, and small towns embody many of the qualities that make Colorado such a great place to live. Being smaller has a lot of advantages, but unlimited resources is often not one of them. We have always been inspired by the way small towns find ways to leverage their resources to do more with less, which is why we created Cascade Software in the first place.