If you’re a building department administrator, things can seem a little scary these days. After all, it’s not every day that the world experiences a global pandemic, geopolitical tensions, societal turmoil, rising inflation, supply chain challenges, the “great resignation,” polarizing politics, and an economic recession all at once. How on earth are hardworking administrators—who are already stretched thin—supposed to contend with all of that in the middle of a Colorado real estate boom? It can literally be the stuff of nightmares.

Unless, of course, you partner with ProCode for outsourced permitting, inspection, and code enforcement services in your community. Our flexible model lets you scale your department’s capacity to meet increased demand or adjust to downturns in volume without the added stress of hiring up, downsizing, or compromising service to your customers and stakeholders.

Our team of professionals helps you level out the peaks and valleys to deliver high levels of undisrupted service, which can help turn nightmare scenarios back into efficient, productive, and highly-responsive departments that run like a dream. No tricks. All treats.